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Have you recovered from last week’s intense Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/SVU crossover?

Too bad if you haven’t because things are not slowing down one bit on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 8, as a massive helicopter explosion puts the team in jeopardy in different ways – and it’s Dawson who’ll uncover why the chopper went down in the first place.

But we know Chicago Fire Season 3 is also about the relationships, and one of the key romances on the show is between Dawson and Casey. Will that union survive when Dawson is working under Casey? Has the rest of the house accepted it or are there more issues to come? And is the team still hurting from losing one of its own, Shay?

To get some answers, I was on the Chicago Fire set last month, sitting down with Monica Raymund, who gave me the lowdown on what we’ll see with Dawson and how she’s dealing with working on the fire fighter side of things.

TV Fanatic: You’re deep into shooting this season but going back to the start of the season, how was it having Shay die and Lauren leave the show?

Monica Raymund: It was pretty rough for both of us. Both Dawson and Monica. It took some getting used to. It was a big transition period for all of us. It was hard. We grieved. I think a lot of what we were feeling was bleeding into what you saw on screen. So, yeah, it was not easy.

TVF: Dawson and Casey are going strong. Talk about that relationship and what we’re going to see in the coming episodes.

MR: She’s still rogue. She was a rogue paramedic. She’s going to be a rouge firefighter. She’s not going to follow all the rules because she’s got cojones. So we get to see what that obstacle does. You’ll find her not listening to her lieutenant who’s also her fiancé. So there’s a lot of good juicy conflict stuff that gets between them. You’ll start to see them possibly teeter.

TVF: Relationships come and go on this show. Why do you think they work together?

MR: I think they are supposed to be together. I think they’re always going to be. You ever have a love in your life where you’re like that was the unrequited one, or the one that got away, or something happened-the timing wasn’t right, and it just sort of turns into this long-term wish I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve? He’s the one, no matter whatever happens and I really believe that for Dawson. Even if they do break up, he’s that one person who you have that unique specific connection with that you would die for. So that’s why I think they’ve been lasting so long. We really love each other. He’s like my best friend here.



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[Nominations] People’s Choice Awards 2015
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  • Chicago Fire – Favorite Network TV Drama (HERE)
    * Taylor Kinney –  Favorite Dramatic TV Actor (HERE)
    * Leslie Shay – Favorite TV Caracter We Miss Most (HERE)

Gala on January 7 on CBS.


NBC Fall Finale Dates
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Fechas Parones de Otoño Series NBC

A TO Z | Thursday, Dec. 11
ABOUT A BOY | Tuesday, Dec. 9
BAD JUDGE | Thursday, Dec. 11
THE BLACKLIST | Monday, Nov. 10
CHICAGO FIRE | Tuesday, Dec. 2
CHICAGO PD Wednesday, Dec. 10
LAW & ORDER: SVU | Wednesday, Dec. 10
MARRY ME | Tuesday, Dec. 9
MYSTERIES OF LAURA | Wednesday, Dec. 10
PARENTHOOD | Thursday, Nov. 20

Source: Tvline


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